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RHS Chelsea Gold medalist Rob Chapman would like to introduce you to his wonderful world of Victorian Violas.

RHS Gold Medal WinnerBeauty & fragrance in the garden & on the patio with our mail order viola plants. Aptly named, due to their popularity during the 19th century these prolific flowering Violas, many of which are scented, belong to that elite family of garden plants that produce continuity of bloom throughout the summer, April – September. Their sheer ‘staying power ’, vast array of colour and abundance of flowers is truly amazing, some varieties can be supporting as many as 50 or more stems at any one time. Their natural growth habit is hardy perennial so after flowering fades in autumn, they rest the winter months ready to repeat their stunning display year after year.

Viola Plants For Sale

Mail Order ViolasEach individual variety displays its flowers on varied growth habit, some produce lax horizontal growth suitable for urns, tubs and containers sited on walls or other elevated situations. Others produce taller searching growth that particularly suits being part of mixed plantings such as the herbaceous border, or even the natural or cottage garden where they are allowed to weave amongst other plants to secure their share of warmth and sunlight. Others produce upright firm and erect stems that suit the smaller container and are choice varieties for cutting, others form large spreading clumps that can be bedded into the border alongside lawns and driveways. Last but not least, the species types for natural or free-growing areas where they can be left to spread and re seed at their will.

Whatever the attributes of any variety whether it be colour, leaf, growth habit, fragrance or flower there is a suitable home somewhere in every garden. So if you want to join the Viola family and share the delights and pleasures that these little beauties will give you, your garden, patio and your home, plant some soon, you will be rewarded well.

Viola Plant Gallery

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  • ABIGAIL – Flowers large. Golden-yellow with top petals flushed mauve. A sturdy compact plant. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • ALICE KATE Flowers medium. Lemon yellow/ orange eye. Strong upright growth. Scented.
  • AMY – Flowers Medium. Deep Mauve with gold eye. Vigorous, flower-full, and scented. Bred by Victorian Violas. Registered to Victorian Violas with protected cutting rights.

  • ANDY PANDY – Flowers large. Veined lavender mauve and white. Orange eye. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • BELLE – Flowers medium. Wavy top petals blotched mauve over yellow. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • BLUE BUTTERFLY – Flowers Medium. Pretty Pale Blue/Orange eye. Free flowering. Compact growth.

  • BLUE ICE – Flowers medium, deep purple-blue splashed white. Free-flowering. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • BLUE MOONLIGHT – Flowers Medium. Shadowy-Blue and Pale Primrose. Whiskered. Blooms in abundance.

  • BLUE SAILS – Flowers Medium. Blue and cream defined frilled petals, strong stems suitable for cutting. Outstanding scent. Bred by Victorian Violas. Registered to Victorian Violas with protected cutting rights.

  • BONNY – Flowers Medium. A stunning bicolour of mauve and yellow. Vigorous, flower-full and scented. Bred by Victorian Violas. Registered to Victorian Violas with protected cutting rights.

  • BOY BLUE – Flowers Medium. Lavender-Blue/Yellow eye. Erect Stems. Good for underplanting roses.

  • BRIDIE – Flowers medium. Cream/primrose edged mauve. Highly scented, sturdy stems. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • BRIMSTONE- Flowers Medium Pale Primrose Cream-slight Mauve edging. Whiskered. Long Stems.

  • BUDGIE – Flowers medium, mauve flushed primrose, free flowering. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • BUTTERCUP – Flowers Small. Rich Pure Deep Yellow. Sturdy erect stems over vigorous growth. Scented.

  • CHARLOTTE – Flowers Medium. Pale Lavender with Cream flushed Lilac-Orange eye. Multiflowering. Scented.

  • CITRONELLA – Flowers medium, citron yellow. Prolific flowering. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • CLEOPATRA – Flowers Medium. Pale Cream with Dark Rays. Vigorous growth. Scented.

  • COCKATOO – Flowers medium, pure white, golden eye with defined whiskers. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • COLUMBINE – Flowers Medium. Veined/Splashed Violet over some White Prolific flowering. Compact growth.

  • CUTY – Small frilled blooms of deepest velvet. Multi-flowering. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • DAMSEL – Flowers medium, soft cream edged and flushed lavender/mauve. Free-flowering, scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • DAWN – Flowers medium, creamy primrose. Scented.

  • DEVON CREAM – Flowers Medium. Soft Creamy- Primrose Yellow. Slight Whiskering. Scented.

  • ELAINE QUIN – Flowers Medium. Streaked Rosy- Magenta. Seemingly always in Bloom.

  • ELIZABETH – Flowers Medium. Dusky Lavender/ Blue/Creamy Yellow centre. Orange eye. Scented.

  • ETAIN – Flowers Large. Creamy-Primrose/ frilled Lavender edging. Sturdy growth. Scented.

  • FIONA – Flowers Medium. Palest Mauve delicately flushed White. Free- flowering. Strong stems. Scented.

  • FIONA LAWRENSON – Flowers large. White/slightly frilled petals flushed Mauve. Scented.

  • FLAVIA – Flowers medium, pale-lavender and cream. Orange eye. Multi flowering. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • FLOWER GIRL – Flowers medium. Pretty mauve bunny petals, deep whiskers. Profusion of bloom. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • FOXBROOK CREAM – Flowers Medium. Cream with a hint of Lemon. Slight Mauve frill.

  • FRAGRANT BEAUTY – Flowers large. Soft yellow flushed mauve. Erect strong stems. Scent exceptional. Best grown in pots. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • GLENHOLME – Flowers Medium Pale Golden- Yellow/ Orange eye. Vigorous and floriferous. Scented.

  • HANNAH MAY – Flowers Medium. Pale Primrose- Yellow flushed/edged Mauve. Floriferous. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • HELEN DILLON – Flowers Large. White edged Lavender- Blue. Strong Upright growth. Scented

  • HELENA – Flowers Medium. White tinged Pale Mauve. Yellow Blotch.

  • HELENS DAUGHTER – Flowers Large. Pale Rosy-Lavender/ flushed White. Slight Whiskers. Floriferous. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • INVERURIE BEAUTY – Flowers Large. Violet-Mauve with Darker rays. Floriferous. Scented.
  • IRISH LUCK – Flowers medium. Khaki/bronze to dark brown. Yellow eye with rays. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • ISABEL – Flowers Large. Bi-Coloured Pale Violet-Mauve and Creamy-Primrose. Scented.
  • IVORY QUEEN – Flowers Medium. Pure Cream. Vigorous spreading growth. Scented.
  • JEANNIE BELLEW – Flowers medium. Palest Creamy Primrose. Slight mauve edging. Always flower full. Scented.

  • JENNIFER ANDREWS – Flowers Large. Creamy-Yellow, distinctly edged mauve. Free- flowering. Scented.
  • JOYCE GREY – Flowers Medium. Rounded blooms. Yellow centre with Deep Blue surround. Compact Growth.
  • JULIAN – Flowers Medium. Clear Mid-Blue/ Yellow eye. Slightly frilled. Blooms ‘En-Masse’.
  • KERRY – Flowers medium. Triple colouring of mauve, cream and yellow. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • KITTEN – Flowers Medium. Lilac-Blue with Dark Whiskers. Vigorous. Low Growing.
  • LAVENDER LADY – Flowers medium. Veined purple/mauve. Vigorous growth. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • LETITIA – Flowers Medium. Lavender-Lilac. Some Whiskering. Multi-Flowering.
  • LIMELIGHT – Flowers medium. Unique mottle /primrose/mauve. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • LINDSAY – Flowers Medium. Deep Lavender- Rose fading paler as blooms mature.  Free-flowering.
  • LITTLE DAVID – Flowers Medium. Creamy-White. Vigorous upright growth. Sturdy stems. Scented.
  • MABEL – Flowers medium, cream- flushed lavender blue. Orange eye. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • MAGGIE MOTT – Flowers Large. Soft Silvery-Blue/Palest Cream Centre. Tall growth. Scented.

  • MARGARET – Flowers Large. Creamy-White with a hint of Blue. Vigorous. Scented.
  • MARMALADE – Flowers medium. Dusky yellow fading to a unique bronze with age. Vigorous and scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • MARTIN – Flowers Medium. Deep Violet- Blue/Yellow eye. Vigorous and free flowering.
  • MARTINI – Flowers small, deep mauve with yellow eye. Multi-flowering. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • MAY MOTT – Flowers Large. Silvery Blue, lower petals Cream/edged Blue. Tall. Strongly Scented.
  • MELODY – Flowers medium, veined mauve with a vivid yellow eye. Multi-flowering. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • MICHELLE – Flowers large. Multi flowering, pale lavender/cream/yellow. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • MIDNIGHT – Flowers Medium. Deepest Violet-Blue with Darker Rays. Floriferous. Compact Growth. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • MORWENNA – Flowers Large. Pure White. Vigorous bushy growth. Flower-full. Scented.
  • NORA – Flowers Medium. Bicoloured Violet- Rose over Deep Yellow. Sturdy erect stems. Vigorous growth. Scented.
  • PARADE – Flowers Medium. Mauve surrounding a bright yellow centre. Very vigorous. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • PASHA – Flowers Medium. Dusky Lilac-Pink with Crimson Whiskers. Handsome foliage.
  • PETER PAN – Flowers medium. Extremely vigorous spreading with mauve/cream bloom in profusion. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • PETRA – Flowers Small. Mauve-Blue. Blooms in profusion all summer. Erect stems. Vigorous.
  • POLYANNA – Flowers Medium. Yellow fading to Cream then to Pale Mauve as blooms mature. Floriferous. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • PRUNELLA Flowers medium. Deepest purple. Our most floriferous dark-coloured viola. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • RAVEN – Flowers Medium. Deep Plum-Purple. Free-flowering over full vigorous foliage.
  • REBECCA – Flowers Medium. Creamy-White, flecked/edged Violet-Blue. Erect Stems. Floriferous. Scented.
  • ROSY RAYNE – Flowers Medium. Variable Rose shades, slightly veined. Popular variety. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • SEA HORSE – Flowers medium.Soft blush mauve veined within a white ground. Unusual yet very attractive. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • SEE ME – Flowers large. Perfect primrose yellow with distinct pronounced dark whiskers. Vigorous. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • SHIRLEY – Flowers medium. Deep mottled mauve, blushed paler on mature blooms. Strong grower. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • SHOWGIRL – Flowers large, primrose yellow, flushed mauve. Floriferous. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • SILVER LINING – Flowers medium. Creamy white flushed lavender mauve. Vigorous spreading growth. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • SKYLARK – Flowers medium, mid-blue, yellow eye. Multi-flowering. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • SOLSTICE – Flowers medium, two tone yellow, orange eye. Vigorous. Bred by Victorian Violas.

  • SMUGGLERS MOON – Flowers Medium. BiColoured Bluish- Mauve/Yellow. Flowerfull.

  • SPIDER – Flowers Medium. A unique flower – formation. Deep Purple-Blue. Free flowering.
  • SUES DELIGHT – Flowers medium. Multi-flowering, burnt yellow buffed rosy purple. Vigorous growth. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • SUMMERGOLD – Flowers Large. Primrose-Yellow. Strong stems over compact foliage. Scented.
  • SUNNY JIM – Flowers Medium. Brilliant sunshine yellow blooms in profusion. Highly scented. Our best yellow variety. Bred by Victorian Violas. Registered to Victorian Violas with protected cutting rights.
  • SUNSHINE – Flowers Medium. Sunshine Yellow/Picotee edging. Vigorous growth. Scented.
  • SWEETHEART – Flowers Medium. Mauve edging, flushing with creamy/lemon frilly petals. Vigorous and scented. Bred by Victorian Violas. Registered to Victorian Violas with protected cutting rights.
  • TALITHA – Flowers Medium. Deep Violet- Blue/White Centre. Vigorous and flowerfull.
  • TINKERBELL – Flowers Small. Pale Silver-Blue and Dusky Primrose. Prolific flowering. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • VANILLA ICE – Flowers large. A suffusion of cream yellow and mauve. Scented. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • VICTORIA CAWTHORNE – Flowers Small. Deep Rosy-Pink. Flowers in abundance all summer. Large Clump.
  • VICTORIAS BLUSH – Flowers Small. Palest Lilac-Pink/Deeper Lilac Centre. Whiskered. Vigorous. Large Clump.
  • WHITE PEARL – Flowers Small. Pearly-White/Orange eye. Sturdy upright stems. Scented.
  • WHITE SPLENDOUR – Flowers large, white with orange eye.

  • WHITE SWAN – Flowers Medium. Pure White,delicately flushed Violet as blooms mature.

  • WINIFRED JONES – Flowers Large. Creamy-White, flushed Violet-Blue. Low growing. Highly Scented.
  • WINNIE – Flowers medium. Cream and primrose. Vigorous growth with longstems. Lovely fragrance. Bred by Victorian Violas.
  • YELLOW REBECCA – Flowers medium, yellow upright growth, scented.

  • ZOE – Flowers Small. Violet-Mauve with a Honeycomb Yellow Centre. Scented.